What’s in a name?

October 2, 2008

A lot of fuss is made over band names, but does the band make the name or the name make the band?

One of my favorite bands is named The National. The indie rock band’s sound is dark and brooding. The lyrics deal with the anxieties of growing up and the loss of innocence.

Lead singer Matt Berninger said the band chose the name because they wanted something nondescript and wanted to avoid the cutsie names.  They nearly went with the name American Mary.

I don’t know if The National is a good band name. It’s hard to separate the name from the band’s identity. The two are intertwined.

The one downside to such a vague band name is that it’s difficult to find on the internet. In a short video interview, Berninger advised other bands to choose a name that googled well.

In the internet age, this may be the advice that should really stick.  If you want to get your music heard, pick a name that will pop on google.