A look back: Phil Spector

October 30, 2008

Phil Spector may currently be facing a  retrial for second degree murder, but I’m going to focus on his glory years.

Spector was a genious musician, producer, writer and whatever else he did in the studio. His work in the ’60s was a huge influence on John Lennon and Brian Wilson, whose work has in turn influenced nearly every band playing today.

His trademark was the wall of sound.

He’d add instrument upon instrument and pack as much punch as possible into a three-minute pop song. This moved music in a new direction. It shifted away from the standard Buddy Holly and the Crickets set up of two guitars, a bass and drums. 

It opened doors and allowed for endless possiblilites. Without Spector, there may have never been Pet Sounds or Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band.