No Age censored

October 27, 2008

Los Angeles band No Age performed a couple of weeks ago on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

According to a Pitchfork article, No Age guitarist Randy Randall was told he couldn’t wear an Obama t-shirt on the air.

Randall found an easy route around the censorship by writing “Free Health Care” on his shirt.

As much as my previous post says that I hate the mixture of politicians and musicians, I hate censorship even more. It’s pointless to prevent someone from showing their support for a candidate because of some draconian law about equal time.

Now that I’ve cleared my throat of the politics, I can talk about the band itself.

I only recently stumbled upon No Age and a bunch of other bands with a similar sound like Times New Viking and Abe Vigoda. The music is heavily distorted and sounds like it’s coming out of a cheap speaker no matter where you play it.

At first I found out it a little rough on the ears, but I quickly warmed to their sound. It’s the kind of music that you hear and think, “Why would anyone want to sound like this.” After a while you say, “Why doesn’t all music sound like this.”

Here’s a video of the Craig Ferguson performance: