I’ve heard a lot of good things about Deerhunter, but I’ve never actually listened to any of their music.

I could’ve said the same thing about Wolf Parade a few months ago or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah a year ago. The indie rock scene produces an endless supply of bands, and its hard to keep up with all of them.

I’m reviewing their new album based solely on first impressions. I’m going to listen to the album once and then decide whether I think the hype is deserved.

Some records are growers and get better with time as more and more. Others grab me quickly and then fade with each additional listen.

This is part one of my review. After spending two weeks with the album, I will review it again.

Okay, so here are my blow-by-blow thoughts on Deerhunter’s Microcastle:

Cover me slowly: Cool intro

Agoraphopia: “Four walls of concrete…six by six enclosed” I know this feeling.

Never Stops: Favorite song so far. I like the way it builds and then falls apart at the end.

Little Kids: The repeating of “To get older still” is hypnotic.

Microcastle: I knew the drums would come sooner or later. I’m glad they waited until the end. It caught me by surprise.

Calvary Scars: I think I might have a new favorite song. I love all the little ornamental sounds and the constant scraping.

Green Jacket: I think the album is hitting its stride. i’m captivated.

Activa: The last three songs have all been great.

Nothing Ever Happened: Tempo change. I was liking the slower pace. I like the line, “Waiting for something from nothing.”

Saved by Old Times: Good song. Next.

Neither of Us, Uncertainly: I’m losing a little steam. Cool outro.

Twilight at Carbon Lake: Perfect ending.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started listening. I was a little surprised but certainly not disappointed. I managed to feel off balance and at ease at the same time, which is the feeling I’m usually looking to get from music. If you want a more thought out review, check Metacritc.