My name is Alex Austin, and I’m a journalism student at UF. I’m obsessed with music, and this is my first attempt to write about.

I’ve recently become interested in lo-fi music, specifically after listening to Songs of Pain, a Daniel Johnston comilation of early recordings he did with a tape deck in his parent’s basement.

Daniel Johnston is one of my musical heroes along with Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Elliott Smith.

I love the idea of anyone having the power to express themselves musically and be heard, the way only select recording stars used to be able to.

With a lap top and cheap software, anyone can make a record. If you take a look at Myspace artists, it would appear that just about everyone is.

I’m an average, or below-average guitar player, depending on who I’m being compared to, and I’ve recently taken upon the task of following in my heroes footsteps by trying to write my own songs.

I started this blog to share some of the connections and ideas I find interesting in music. The more I write, the more I learn about music and myself. Hopefully, there are a few new things that you can learn from reading my blog.

Feel free to comment.


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