Podcasting Music Projects

September 29, 2008

While searching for new music on iTunes, I stumbled on a podcast of a songwriting project called Get Help.

The podcast offers a song-in-progress every couple of weeks from the band. The intriguing part of the project is the description that accompanies the song.

Bands are always looking for new ways to get out their music with limited resources. Myspace has been great for indie bands, but I think podcasting can help help make an even deeper connection. with fans.

High-profile bands may want to keep their details secret, but what do up-and-coming bands have to worry about. For bands in search of a fanbase, podcasting can be an essential tactic.

Podcasting unfinished songs with a description of what inspired them and updating them as they progress can make a fan feel included in the process. Devulging little details can help make a stronger connection between band and fan. Building that connection is essential to developping a fanbase.

The one downside is that podcasts are not as easily searchable as Myspace pages. To solve this problem, a band could offer downloads of a podcast from their Web site or Myspace page.  Along with putting their podcast on iTunes, Get Help also hosts the podcast on their Web site.

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